Whertec. The Reliability Experts.

Since our corporate rebranding in 2009, Whertec has grown from a $10 million a-year company to earn $20 million in gross sales.

Whertec Case Stories

It’s difficult to imagine America without its power, steel, paper, and oil & gas industries. These industries rely on “The Reliability Experts™,” a position created and introduced by the Elva Marketing team for the industry leader in industrial machine maintenance products. Known for keeping American industry running smoothly, Whertec specializes in the inspection, manufacture and on-site repair of mission-critical components for electrical generation stations, paper and steel mills and petrochemical refineries.

To date, we have completed brand development for the company and its four feature products including LaserClad™ Overlay, the first system of its kind in the world. We also designed responsive web, trade show environments, videos, direct response, and presentation materials to support Whertec’s operations internationally.

iMethods. The Heart of IT.

iMethods grew from a local IT recruiting firm in 2008 to an IT and healthcare IT consulting firm with a national presence and more than 35% growth in 2013.

Making the transition from a local small business to a national mid-sized business can be difficult. Our creative team provided a completely new website, updated marketing and sales materials and communication tools for their consultants working off-site.

iMethods is welcoming new strategic partnerships, enjoying an increase in sales opportunities, and is competing on a national scale with international IT recruiting and consulting firms.

Evocio. Connect. Integrate. Optimize.

Evocio has increased office space and doubled the number of CIOs in its network to meet client response for the newly launched brand position.

You’ve got to know what you’re doing in the C-suite or you’ll quickly be replaced. For most firms, the newest seat at the boardroom table is that of the Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer (CIO, CTO), the man or woman who keeps information profitable and working as it’s expected to.

Elva recently helped an established nationwide provider of business consulting services by innovating a new company name and brand that defines the role CIOs represent for the future.

Our creative team suggested Evocio as a name that is both evolutionary and at the same time suggests that potential clients “Connect. Integrate. Optimize.™” Elva created new online, print, and environmental designs to help the company grow its brand while maintaining the connection with the C-level decision makers, business leaders, and CIOs who seek the definitive competitive edge.

Trivia Nation. Get Your Think On.

Improving their digital presence has allowed Trivia Nation a boosted audience size to sell and more opportunities to create profits.

For success and profitability in the competitive hospitality industry, year-round full-capacity operations are vital. Across the country, restaurants and sports bars rely on Trivia Nation to bring hungry and knowledgeable folks together to feast on tough questions, cold beverages, and great food.

The Elva team was hired to cook up a mobile and online experience to engage single, female players to become citizens of Trivia Nation in exchange for free weekly answers. This previously untapped audience had the potential to deliver substantial increases in attendance and revenue for the host locations. The new brand included a crown, gaming and script elements designed to evoke fun and competition while positioning Trivia Nation as the King of Trivia™!

Not only did Elva help Trivia Nation increase their email address database 20 fold and add a new dimension of SMS marketing, but trivianation.com now provides a fresh and inviting site which drives traffic to purchase food and beverages throughout the week. The website also includes a client area for easily posting new locations, shows, and news.

Auto Carrier Express. Superlogistics.

As a unified brand, Auto Carrier Express (ACE) is enjoying the growth required to meet the needs of customers such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Kia.

When a company has provided exclusive service to a customer since 1997, expanding to provide services to competitors can prove tricky. Operating as a sister company to Auto Carrier Express, Auto Transport Masters proved that the company as a whole could successfully provide services to multiple manufacturers.

Elva guided the transition of the Auto Transport Masters brand back under the unified ACE brand. Our team then identified the primary factor for boosting growth at ACE was driver recruitment and retention. The new site focuses on the brand’s commitment to driver satisfaction, quality, and professional development as a strategy to keep the business rolling year-round.

ACE now maintains a waiting list for new drivers and has improved customer service statistics.

Syncworks. Trust The Sync Experts.

Syncworks successfully diversified their service offerings, creating additional revenue.

Providing technology services to a niche market can make a company vulnerable to shifts in the market. Competitive acquisitions and mergers can also create added disruption.

Syncworks hired in the Elva team to bolster its market position to grow into a new market. With revised marketing materials and online advertising campaigns, Syncworks increased sales across both markets and is exploring additional products to provide to market.

Great online and offline promotion efforts are led by strong branding and corporate identity programs.